History :

Mudanya’s history stars before the 7th century BC.The town’s first name was known as Mylera.It was founded by Kolofans who are the founders af the cities of Erdek and Gemlik which are the cities of 12 Iyon cities.

The town was occopied at the different periods .It was destroyed by the Makedon King Philippos 5 and builded again . The name was changed . It was called APEMİA.The town was occupied and rebuilded again and it was called Mudanya..It is supposed that the name Mudanya came from that name.In 1321 Mudanya was invaded by Orhanbey and became an Ottoman town.The town was occupied by English and then Greek after The Mondros Convention.On the 12th of the September 1992 Mudanya had it’s independence.

The convention which ended the Turkish independence war was signed between 3-11 October 1922.After the convention it was called Mudanya Convention.